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Eric was fast asleep in his little bunny form. He was on his Pookan period and was dreaming about his darling niece. He sighed a sleepy sigh and smiled. He then rolled over on his back, with his little feet sticking in the air and twitching slightly. All of a sudden, he heard a big crash, and the Pooka startled awake. He was so frightened that he changed back into his ordinary 6’1 Pookan self. “That’s good…” he mumbled as he tumbled out of bed and into the kitchen. He took out his boomerangs and got ready to battle whatever evil he has to face. He charged! With a Pookan War Cry! HE STOPPED SUDDENLY. Nothing there. But what was that loud crash? He looked around, his guard was down. His ears and whiskers and nose twitched madly as he dart his head all around. “AY ME!” he shouts, as he feels someone grab him and cover his head with a bag. He was then dragged. But he kept struggle. EVERYTHING WENT BLACK.

“Wake up!” Someone with a Jamaican accent shouted. Eric was being shook. He fluttered his eyes open, and to his surprise, he saw Adam.

“…Brother?!” Eric cried. Adam smiled and laughed the laugh he used to laugh. They embraced in a bear hug. “I love you brother!” “What happened?” “I’m alive! Me and my wife are alive!” “Where is she?” “Still under the ground…” Eric’s eyes widened and he sprung up and grabbed two shovels. He threw one at his little brother Adam, and he was hit in the head with it and was knocked over. “Sorry, mate.” “Mate?!” Adam was super confused. “You have been asleep for a long time so I will explain everything later.”

About 20 minutes and 53 seconds later, Adam and Eric finally dug up Adam’s wife and pulled her out of the corpse preserving coffin. She lay on the grass and took in deep breaths. “Goodness gracious, ay me!” she shouted. Adam hugged her softly to comfort her. “It is alright, my dearest Monica…” He lightly kissed her on the cheek. “We are alive now.”  Monica’s eyes widened. “Alive! -she gasped- Where is Keyrah? Where is she?” Eric stood up. “She is alive and well.” Adam and Monica sighed with relief. Adam then smiled. “Brother, how long were we asleep?” “About 702 years.” “….Whoa.”

Adam, Eric and Monica were all sitting in Eric’s living room, waited for Greeny to come and greet her parents. The door slammed open. “….Eric, we need to talk. Now.” Adam stood up and placed his hands on his daughter’s shoulders. “My girl… You’re alive.” A tear streamed down his cheek. “Your hot.” Greeny replied with a poker face. Eric smacked her upside that head. “Brother! Don’t hit my child!” Adam pulled Greeny in close to him. “Sorry mate…” “What does that mean. Mate. We do not mate.” “You got a lot of catching up to do.”

“Eric! You know I have new parents now!” Greeny glared at Eric. “But your real parents are here! In the flesh!” “Eric!! You should let them rest in peace!” Eric looked up at Adam and Monica. “How did you come back to life?”  Eric asked. “Thou art dreaming, brother… Thou art dreaming.” Eric gasped.

Eric startled awake. “Ay me!!” he shouted. He looked into the mirror on the wall as he sat up in his bed. He was back to normal size again! And it was still in the middle of the night. He looked down next to him and saw Greeny. “What is she doing here?” Greeny looked up at Eric. “You’re babysitting me remember?” she said. “How did you get into my bed?” “I had a nightmare and you carried me into your room and let me sleep in here with you.” “…Okay then. Goodnight.” “Goodnight."


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