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It wasn’t a bad day, just a little cold. And a wee bit windy. Jen and Eric were heading to the subway to get to the school, and they had to run, for they missed the bus to get there. Running really fast was easy for the Assassins. But running up hill wasn’t so easy. Jen felt her body growing heavy and exhausted and was being pulled down to the rocky dirt road by gravity. The sun was beginning to rise. “Like a reverse sunset…” Jen thought. This wasn’t good, though. They had to snoop past the Normies and on the other end of the valley before daylight breaks, and before they are spotted.

Jen pushed herself to keep going. Her body ached, her lungs burned, her heart
hammering hard against her chest. She stopped. Eric didn’t notice her stop and he kept running, taking even breaths, his facial expression showing rush and anger and determination. Jen panicked. “Eric!” she managed to call out to him between huffy breaths. Eric kept on running. “Stop!- Eric!-“ Jen dropped to her hands and knees. She looked up, Eric was out of sight. He left her behind. Jen began to cry. “…ERIC!!!” She watched for a minute. He still didn’t come. She sighed and lay on her back, starring up at the almost lite sky.

Rose, Fox, Daisy, Sky, Bruise, Crona. Such beautiful colors, like a rainbow. Maybe it was a rainbow? “Maybe…” Jen thought. “…Maybe, there is some sort of spirit, or creature, the made the sky look like this…” Jen starred. The Moon was still out, and it is almost day. “It should be gone by now…” she thought. :Maybe the Lunatics know something about the Moon being seen by day time. Maybe when the Lunatics are up to no good, the Moon God knows so, and he stays in the sky all day, watching them, warning them, making sure they do nothing regretful. Maybe the Lunatics know nothing of the Moon being out during the day. They only come out during the night, and I think they look at the Sun as the Devil or something…”  Jen closed her eyes.

Moments after those thoughts, Jen heard footsteps, coming to a stop right by her head. “Jen dear, c’mon…” She opened her eyes, Eric was there, lifting her up princess style. He kissed her on the cheek. His eyes were bloodshot and watery, as if he was crying. “Honey…” he started to walk, holding her. They were going the opposite direction of where they were supposed to go. “We’re going the wrong way.” Jen said. “I know, darling…” “Aren’t we supposed to go to school?” “Yes.” “Then why-“ “I think we should go home and have a day off of school… I’ll call us both in sick, and I’ll get Kathy to get your class work for ya. How’s that sound?” Jen grinned. “Yes!” “Shhhh!” Eric hushed her. She looked up at the sky, it was probably almost 8 o’clock. She looked back at Eric. He started to run, carrying her tightly in his arms. “If I run we can get home in  lickity-split.” He said. So Jen relaxed.

    Eric and Jen were alone in Area 1. (Besides the security camera dudes in the deepest, darkest parts of the Creed’s basement.) Eric watched Jen buff up her sword. She noticed Eric watching her, and looked up at him. He smiled. “Jen?” “Yessuh?” “…C’mere…” Jen got up and sat on Eric’s lap, the top of her head tucked under Eric’s chin. He held her close to him. “You’re getting big…” “I am?” “You sure are…” “Remember when I was little? And I would sit on your lap all the time?” “Yes, I do…” Eric smiled. A moment of silence went by. It was a little awkward. Jen finally spoke. “So… What is it?” Eric’s face softens, as he remembers every moment of Jen’s life; when she was born, her first word, her first steps, her first assassination, and much more memorable memories. “You grow up so fast…” he says, almost to himself. “I’m 17 now.” “I know, darling…” Jen gasps softly. “Hmm?” Eric mumbled. “Hey, Eric? How old are you?” Eric smiles. “I’m 33.” Jen seemed disappointed. But she smiles. “That’s it?” “Yep.” “33?” “Uh huh.” “…Wow.” “What?” “You are, like, super young.” Eric raises a brow. “You think I’m young?” “Yessuh.” Eric chuckles. “How old did you think I was?” “Um, like, probably at least, 50.” Eric laughs hard. Jen was surprised. He never really laughs like that. “Aw, sweetie, you’re so silly.” He plants a kiss on Jen’s forehead. She smiles and kisses him back. “I love you, you are so awesome….” “I love you too, darling… To be honest, I love you the most out of our whole family.” They both embrace in a bear hug.


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