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Let me start off with this is really cool! I love Blaze and it's beautiful the way you made her look! and I love how you put the barcod...

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Let me start off as that this picture is absolutly prrrrrrrrrrfect. I like how you made the picture in a way that it can make someone f...

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GUESS WHO'S BACK Sketch page by TechmoGinger4eves
GUESS WHO'S BACK Sketch page
Ugh yes finally I uploaded some bs tip. :boogie: hi there my baby bamfs here's an UPDATE: I love the X Men now. Especially Kurt and Logan. And Charles. They are my babies. Enjoy this sketch dump I pooped out.

P.s. I will try and give my diarrhea ocs ginger and Amy a second change I will be using the backstory/edit that gotta luv gia gave me. And amy is gonna be 100000000000000% different now. You see that short women standing by mordecai with the paper bag? That's her. I'm all grown up and I'm a big girl now so there won't be anymore drama and ignorance coming from me. And I feel great about it!  :nod:

(( Hello, ladies and bamfs! This story takes place in the X-Mansion in the middle of June, three weeks after the events in X-Men Days of Future Past. School has ended, and summer vacation has just begun. In the story, Logan, (and the "mystery mutant,") make a sort of "father and child" like bond, as Logan helps the "mystery mutant" convert from evil to good. 

In this episode, Logan will not speak to this "Mystery Mutant," but he will get his first look, and make physical contact with him/her.))

Characters: Kurt Wagner (mentioned,) Mystique (mentioned,) Jean Grey, Logan Howllet, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, and Scott Summers belong to Marvel.
The Character: ??????/?????? ????? belongs to me

Logan burped really loud. He was quiet, but then he laughed to himself. He was alone laying down in his room at the X-Mansion, Saturday, in the middle of June, summer had just begun. Logan was very pleased with his summer vacation so far. He had already got to fixing his old motorcycle, (which is going faster then ever,) As he stared up at the ceiling of his room, he pointed the beer bottle to his lips, but before he take a sip of what was left of it, he heard three loud knocks at his door and heard a familiar voice,

"Hey, Logan, open up." It was a female's voice, and Logan had heard it many times. The familiar voice was of a mutant's, of course. To Logan, she had the voice and looks of an angel. He wanted her, but she was already taken by someone he once despised, but was now starting to befriend.

Logan slammed the beer bottle down hard on his nightstand making a sort of "clank" sound, that was cluttered with balled-up tissues, knocking two of them to the mahogany wood floors. He then jumped out of bed, as he quickly began to button up his dark-blue jeans and buckle his brown leather belt.

"Gimme a sec!" he said in a loud, clear voice. He paced to the door, which was a few feet away, and fixed the collar of his light denim unbuttoned outerware before unlocking the door and swinging it wide open to reveal a very beautiful and familiar face. Logan grinned, not looking his absolute best, but descent enough.

"Jean." He said happily. Jean smiled back. Logan felt his cheeks burning. "Oh God, I'm blushing!" he thought to himself. Jean chuckled, looking down to where Logan's zipper would be. Logan raised a brow. "What's so funny?" he asked, praying that Jean didn't notice that he is blushing before her. She looked up at him, her hand held over her mouth, hiding a grin. 

"Um, Logan, your zipper is undone." Jean laughed as Logan looked down in panic and quickly zipped up his fly, "zzzzzzzip!" he was blushing even harder now, his heart pounding out of his chest.

"Well, Jean... What's up?" he asked her with a cheesy grin.

"W-Well, Logan... There's-" she laughed. "There's a new mutant at the mansion."

"There's always new mutants."

"Yeah, but this one is just a kid. Like, a toddler, but...."

Logan raised a brow. "But what?"

"She's.... More of an alien than a mutant."

Logan looked at Jean, confused. What the hell is she talking about? Not all mutants look exactly like humans. Take a look at Mystique! And not to mention that Kurt guy that was with us that one time...

"Logan, please. The Professor can use your help." Jean walked down the hall and downstairs, and as she did, she looked back at Logan. "C'mon."

Logan followed her, shutting the door behind him. As he walked down the steps of X-Mansion's he could hear all sorts of sounds; sounds of struggle. A thud here, a shatter there, a scratch over hear. The sounds got louder as he came down the flight of stairs, down a hall, and around the corner. As he walked into the Professor's office, he saw one of his fellow X-Men, Scott Summers, struggling to get a good hold on this... Creature.

Logan stared at this strange being. Jean was right, this young lady was more alien than mutant; she spoke in a language that he could not understand, she was about three a half feet tall, and looked like she was trenched in black oil that reflected all the colors of the rainbow. She had long, wavey, sandy-blonde hair. Her eyes were big, and glowed a bright, milky whitish-gray, almost like looking into the full moon. As she spoke, she sounded like a little girl. Maybe she is a little girl. She was covering her ears and screaming.

"Hold still, kid!" Scott shouted at her, with frustration in his voice. "We're trying to help you!"

"Don't shout at her Scott, we're trying to calm her down. And don't hold her like that!" Charles reached out his hand to the alien-like girl, but she whipped his hand away. The professor looked up at Logan and spoke to him telepathically, "Help her."

Logan had to act. "Alright, that's enough! Let her go Scott!"

Scott lost his grip of the girl and she sprinted away from him. She didn't really go anywhere. She ran around the office for a bit, then she skidded to a stop right in front of Hank. She looked up at him in awe. Hank chuckled, and said in the calmest voice possible

"Don't be scare of us... We want to help you..." he reached both of his arms to her, as if to pick her up and hold her, but before he can, she ran away from him, and unexpectedly hugged Logan's leg. Logan was shocked, he felt a bolt of electricity shoot up his spine. The girl looked up at him, and all Logan can do was smile.

Fatherly!Logan Episode 1: The Mystery Mutant
Hey guys I got bored so I decided to write a fan fiction on the X-Men, since, you know, I love those little moo moos. I thought about what would happen after Logan came back from the time travel crap and blah blah blah poof I pooped this out. enjoy. :)


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just busy and lazy. haha sorry.... HELLO LADIES AND BAMFS!!! I have came back from the dead and now I am here but not for long. I have good grades now and I guess time off the internet is really paying off. and I also have a lot of drawings that I am going to post on here and I have a new fandom..........

the X MEN!!!!! :iconwolverineplz: :iconkittyprydeplz: :iconcharlesxavierplz: :iconmagnetoplz: :iconnightcrawlerplz:

I especially love KURT WAGNER #NIGHTCRAWLER #THE INCREDIBLE BAMF lol don't ask he is just a sexy little moop. :D


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